The Impact of Golf Courses on Nutrient Loss and Overall Pollutant Export from Developed Areas.

This project will examine the degree to which golf courses may have a positive impact on the export of nutrients and other pollutants into runoff in developed areas. Dr. Murray from Lakehead University (Orillia campus) is the lead for this project. Contrary to commonly-held belief, previous research has suggested that careful management of turfgrass can lead to improved water quality in developed areas, owing to the ability of a healthy, properly-maintained stand of turf to retain and filter water. This project will examine the effect of different maintenance practices on the quality and quantity of runoff resulting from precipitation and snow melt on golf courses. The expected results will include a set of best management practices that clearly define when management practices such as fertilization, irrigation and aeration should be used to maximize the positive impact on water quality. The results from this project are expected to be delivered in September of 2015.

Final Report Jan 2017

CTRF Project Report June 2016

CTRF Project Report January 2016-C. Murray

Murray Lakehead Progress Report June15