About CTRF

The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” — Henry Miller

 The Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation (CTRF) is a registered charity that raises funds for turfgrass research projects aimed at advancing education and scientific knowledge associated with the safe, recreational and functional use of turfgrass.

Grass is the only plant you can play on!  It’s why turfgrass is naturally woven into our communities, playing an important role by providing surfaces for people of all ages who enjoy sporting and recreational activities like golf, lawn bowling, soccer, baseball and so many other field sports.

Turfgrass is a direct measure of our quality of living!  It blankets our parks, playgrounds, frontages, boulevards and home lawns, these highly valuable areas we call ‘greenspace’.  It also performs community services from cooling the air to creating oxygen, to trapping pollutants, sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, filtering rainwater and much more.

CTRF commissioned research helps provide leadership, awareness and understanding of the environmental, health and economic benefits/importance of turf and turf management.

  • we promote excellence in the development of methods, best practices and resources supporting and advancing the sustainable and environmentally responsible use and management of turfgrass.
  • we share findings with government, public, media, end-users, turf managers and decision makers through seminars, conferences, brochures, social media and other outreach programs.

Supporting the CTRF helps support and enhance your community recreational activities and functional turf infrastructure for the benefit and involvement of all residents and visitors.  Play on!