2013 – 02a Identification of Drought Resistant Turfgrass Cultivars for Water Conservation.

The work and reports for this project will be performed under the direction of Jim Ross, Principal Investigator at Olds College and Dr. Eric Lyons Ph.D., Principal Investigator at the University of Guelph. Water use in urban environments is an important issue, and over the past few years watering restrictions have become commonplace. Restrictions on turfgrasses as landscape plants have been proposed in a number of jurisdictions in North America. This project will assist the turfgrass industry by: 1) helping the industry select turfgrass varieties that maintain green cover and playability with less water use, and 2) determining the actual water use of different turfgrass species and varieties at different mowing heights. Research is expected to be completed by September of 2016.

Drought tolerance annual report 02-16

Drought tolerance annual report 10-15

Drought tolerance annual report 02-15

Drought tolerance annual report 12-14

Report Nov 2013