2014 – 02a Selection and Management of Creeping Bentgrass for Improved Resistance to Fusarium Patch Under Current and Future Conditions.

This project offers a unique opportunity to study the interaction between a perennial grass and a pathogenic fungi under conditions of climate change. This project is funded by the CTRF and Petro Canada as well as having funding support from the NSERC. It will include collaboration between the University of Guelph (Dr. T Hsiang) and STERF, the Scandinavian equivalent of the CTRF as well as the involvement of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (Dr. A. Bertrand) in an effort to improve the performance of perennial grasses. The project will assess resistant genetic material to fusarium patch under actual climate conditions. Resistance activators will also be tested during this project. The final results from this project are due in the Fall of 2017.

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