Determining Soil Potassium Requirements of Sand-Based Putting Greens

The objective of this research, coordinated by Dr. Douglas Soldat at the Wisconsin Turfgrass Association, is to evaluate putting green quality and disease incidence over a wide range of soil test and tissue potassium levels. The optimal level of soil potassium for maximum turfgrass health remains an open question. Potassium fertilization practices vary widely, from little to no applied potassium to over 6 pounds per thousand square feet. There is ample evidence that potassium plays an important role in drought tolerance, but high levels of potassium have also been shown to exacerbate gray snow mold damage. The work will be completed in February 2017.

Soil Potassium Research Update 21 Sept. 2016

Feb 2016 CATR Potassium Research Update

Potassium Research Update Soldat Sept. 2015