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Northwest Turfgrass Association Joins the CTRF

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New Chair of the CTRF

New Chair of the CTRF

WCTA to provide administrative services to the CTRF

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Canadian Allied Turfgrass Research Grant Application 2018

Canadian Allied Turfgrass Research (CATR) Annual Call for Proposals The Canadian Allied Turfgrass Research is a collaborative group of Canadian turfgrass funding associations that have formed an alliance for the annual call for proposals of Canadian turfgrass research grants. The participating associations include: Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation (CTRF) Western Canada Turfgrass Association (WCTA) Alberta Turfgrass […]

STERF Call for Proposals is now available

The Scandinavian Turfgrass and Environment Research Foundation (STERF) 2017-2019 Call for Proposals is now available. Please follow this link. STERF has decided to prioritize research and development within the following four R&D sub programs: Integrated Pest Management Sustainable Water Management Turfgrass Winter Stress Management, and Multifunctional Use of Golf Facilities and Ecosystem Services Instructions for […]

Anoxia – When to break the ice?

Ice encasement causes more dead turf in Nordic countries than any other winter stress. Ice occurs most frequently in the transition zone between coastal and inland climate in Norway, Finland, Northern Sweden and Iceland. Anoxia – When to break the ice?

Preparing golf greens for winter survival

Winter survival of grass on golf greens is, first of all, dependent on weather conditions. As such, there are many variables that are beyond the control of the greenskeeper. Local knowledge of the climate, however, provides a good indication of what type of winter injuries you can expect on your course. Preparing golf greens for […]

Final Winterplay on Summer Greens

Golfers discuss the time for temporary or permanent closure of the golf course for the winter, and so do course managers. There are probably no general guidelines because the grass, soil and climatic conditions vary greatly from site to site. Golf courses also experience different pressure from golfers to extend the playing season. Final Winterplay […]